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What is the EdTech industry?

Edtech combines the power of technology and educational practices to ensure effective learning and teaching.

Academic softwareAcademic software allows teachers to manage the learning process and evaluate academic performance. Most educational institutions are already on the way to improving the quality of education. Oxford Brookes University, for example, uses more than 200 types of academic software. Cambridge University also offers its students various types of software, as well as the possibility of support.

Business training softwareBusiness training software is used by companies to manage employee training and education. This contributes to the growth and increases the professional competence of employees. Moreover, the business training software gives you the tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training. Well-known companies such as Amazon or Schneider Electric have already made business learning software part of their growth strategy.

Self-learning softwareNow we are on the verge of meeting with a new hybrid form of learning that combines both offline and online tools and methods. Self-learning software allows students to manage their own learning process, and teachers have the opportunity to facilitate student learning. Self-learning software provides users with a variety of learning opportunities, from language learning applications to educational systems for school management.

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What problems arise when developing software for education?

  • 01 Competitive field
  • 02 testing the user experience
  • 03 teacher participation
  • 04 accessibility of education
  • 05 software relevance

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  • Employee training systems

  • Customized web and mobile learning solutions

  • E-learning platforms

  • Cloud learning software

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