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Software development for non-commercial activities

Helping non-profit companies achieve their ethical goals.

Non-commercial activity

What is non-profit activity?

A non—profit organization (NGO) is an organization working for the public good or the public good. Unlike for-profit companies, non-profit organizations do not earn money for their owners. Yes, such organizations can generate income or attract financing. However, this income is spent on social or public purposes of the organization.

Non-profit organizations inspire Tech4Good. With the help of Tech4Good, hundreds of non-profit organizations strive to make the world a better place. They help those in need and give people a chance for a better life. The management of a non-profit company deserves respect. However, managing a non—profit organization is not an easy task.

Software development for non-profit organizations is designed to make life easier for volunteers and managers of non-profit organizations. CRM for non—profit organizations, event management systems, volunteers and membership - they are designed to facilitate the functioning and effectiveness of non-profit organizations.

Inspired by our ethical strategy, we develop resource-saving solutions. These solutions help non-profit organizations gain stability and grow. With KeenEthics, you will allow your non-profit organization to work at full capacity.

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What problems arise when developing software for non-profit activities?

  • 01 resource management
  • 02 HR management
  • 03 Event Management
  • 04 heavy workload
  • 05 Information Security

What we offer

  • Landing pages and donation pages

  • Software for collecting media and event management

  • Non-commercial CRM systems

  • Individual software solutions for non-commercial organizations

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